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“A:LIST Footwear is Australia's Vegan friendly, ethically made footwear brand.

Designed locally in Melbourne, by a new generation of footwear lovers. Our focus is on bringing you the best styles at an affordable price, both for your pocket and our planet.

At A:LIST Footwear we love our shoes, but we can’t hide from the fact that the fashion industry has the second biggest impact on our planet and its resources.

It’s confronting, we get it! A:LIST Footwear is constantly challenging itself to do better and be better for the future. A:LIST Footwear is by no means perfect but we are doing our bit to help reshape the industry. Whether it be in the recyclable and compostable packaging we use, or the dyes used in the materials of the shoes itself, we are always looking at ways to better ourselves and better our future.

From knowledge and challenges, come possibility and a desire to make a difference. This drive is what led to the creation of A:LIST footwear.

Our team is consciously committed to ethically made fashion, committed to the people behind the styles that you love and committed to doing our part for a more sustainable planet.”

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